Short Curtain Rods For Kitchen Windows

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Short Curtain Rods

Short Curtain Rods For Kitchen Windows. Decorate your small kitchen window treatments with short curtain rods that add style and a cheerful environment. The small curtain rods for kitchen windows come in many different styles to choose from such as butterflies, hummingbirds and dragonflies. They measure 21 inches to 35 inches which is adjustable in length. The decorative finials on the ends will add an extra 4 inches. These curtain rods are made with black wrought iron for durability and strength. The butterfly curtain rod is adorable and will add a pleasant and upbeat mood to your kitchen windows. The hummingbird curtain rod is perfect for a springtime window decorating idea. Add something different to your kitchen windows for a delightful change.
Short Curtain Rods
Hummingbird Short Curtain RodButterfly Short Curtain Rod

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