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Plant Hangers That Swivel

Plant Hangers

Plant hangers that swivel provide more movement of hanging plants and flowers.  It is easier to place them in a desired location such as indoor or outdoor. The Wall Mount Swivel Iron Plant Hanger measures 13 inches long and is made with durable black wrought iron. Decorate and hang your beautiful potted plants and flowers […]

Trellis Support for Climbing Garden Plants

Victorian Garden Support Plant Trellis

The Victorian tripod plant trellis gives extra growing support for climbing garden plants. This trellis can be used indoors for a potted plant or outdoors in the flower bed or garden. This Victorian plant trellis is made to start out natural, with no finish, and will rust over time. The natural color of this wrought […]

How To Decorate a Fence With Potted Plants


Decorate a Fence With Potted Plants. You can change a boring white fence to something special by mounting beautiful potted plants which adds lots of color. If your fence is in the front porch area, you can line the fence with gorgeous potted plants for your guests to see as they walk up to the […]